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Luliconazoole 1% Ointment – Available in the market by the brand name Lulinea, Luliconazoole 1% Ointment comes with proven capabilities that help the user to get rid of different types of skin infections. It comes with the rich properties of Luliconazole that works to destroy the fungi accumulated on the skin. It kills the fungi by damaging their covering (Cell Wall). By doing this, it helps the user with enhanced recovery from skin infections caused due to fungi. Luliconazoole 1% Ointment is recommended as the first line of treatment for those patients who have complaints of different types of infections caused due to fungi.

Benefits of Luliconazoole 1% Ointment

Lulinea is one of the most recommended and powerful ointments sold in the Indian market that comes with a host of health benefits. Some of the key benefits of using this ointment include the following:

  1. It helps to treat athlete’s foot.
  2. Treats ringworm.
  3. Cure dry or flaky skin.
  4. Treats Dhobie itch.
  5. Helps in treating thrush.

How Luliconazoole 1% Ointment Works

Enriched with the proven capabilities to treat and cure fungi skin infections, this ointment contains a few strong properties that destroy the infection-causing fungi. It works to kill the fungi by not allowing them to create cell membranes. It also destroys the cell membrane and makes it difficult for the fungi to survive on the skin. By doing this, it provides instant relief from itching, skin irritation, and skin discomfort.

Instructions for Secured Usage

Luliconazoole 1% Ointment is a powerful ointment that yields great results if used properly by adhering to all the instructions mentioned down below:

  1. Wash your hands properly before applying Luliconazoole 1% Ointment.
  2. Make sure to properly clean your toes and dry them regularly.
  3. Clean the affected area properly before applying the ointment.
  4. Ensure regular cutting of nails and use open-toe shoes for daily use.
  5. Avoid sharing your socks or shoes with any other person.

Effective Tips for Better Luliconazoole 1% Ointment Usage

Available in the marketplace under the brand name Lilinea, Luliconazoole 1% Ointment is one of the highly recommended ointments that yields the best results with no side effects. But make sure to use it under the strict observation of a doctor while keeping in mind the following instructions:

  1. Use Luliconazoole 1% Ointment only to treat and cure skin infections. Do not use it to treat and cure any other health ailment.
  2. Make sure to apply a sufficient quantity of ointment to the affected area.
  3. The cream might take a few days or show results, thus use Luliconazoole 1% Ointment as directed by the healthcare expert.
  4. Never exceed the recommended dosage and keep it as directed by the doctor.
  5. Finish the full course of using this ointment without skipping any dosage in between to get the best results. Skipping the dosage in between the treatment will allow the infection to come back and become harder to treat.

Possible Interactions

Luliconazoole 1% Ointment is fairly safe to use but the over usage of this ointment can bring unwanted side effects to the patient such as:

  1. Application site irritation
  2. Skin exfoliation
  3. Itching

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