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DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension – Enriched with the goodness of Deflazacort, this medicine is used to treat and cure a host of health problems. Available at Medmom Pharmaceuticals by the brand name MEFLAZA 6, comes with the powerful properties of Deflazacort that help to treat and cure inflammatory conditions, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Autoimmune disorders and cancer. DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension contains anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties that is recommended by healthcare experts for children who are suffering from autoimmune disease, inflammatory problems, and much more.

How DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension Works

Sold by the brand name MEFLAZA 6, this medicine belongs to the class of corticosteroids that mimics the working of glucocorticoids also known as the human body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormones. It works by lowering the production of inflammation, cell multiplication, and allergy-causing chemical messengers such as prostaglandins, interlukeins and leukotrienes. Further, it also suppresses the immune system and blocks further damage to the body by stopping the immune mechanisms.

Quick Notes for Maximum Results

DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension is one of the best medicines available in the Indian market that is given to children to treat and cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy, inflammatory conditions, Autoimmune disorders, and cancer. However, this medicine is known to provide the best results if used properly under the guidance of a doctor keeping in mind the following instructions:

  1. Use DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension only to treat and cure the diseases mentioned here. Do not use this medicine to treat and cure any other health problem.
  2. Make sure to use this medicine every day at the same time to get the best result.
  3. Be sure to complete the full course without skipping any dosage in between to get the most from DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension. Stopping the treatment early will allow the problem to come back and become harder to cure.
  4. Skip consuming antacids with this medicine. In case of emergency, maintain a gap of at least 2 hours between both medicines.
  5. If your child encounters problems like infections, fever, or sore throat, then immediately contact your healthcare expert.

Safety Tips for MEFLAZA 6

If you want to get the most from this medicine without experiencing any unwanted side effects, then follow the instructions mentioned down below:

  1. Taking DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension empty stomach is not recommended as it can cause acidity and gastric reflux.
  2. Never exceed the recommended dosage and keep it as advised by the healthcare expert.
  3. Exceeding the recommended duration of the treatment is not at all recommended as it can cause unwanted side effects. Thus, always use this medicine as advised by the doctor.

Possible Side Effects

DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension is pretty safe to use and the usage of this medicine does not cause any harm to the patient as well if used properly under the supervision of a healthcare expert. But in a few cases of over-usage, the side has been reported namely:

  1. Common cold
  2. Weight gain
  3. Increased appetite
  4. Cushing syndrome
  5. Frequent urge to urinate

These are a few side effects that the patient can encounter with the usage of DEFLAZACORT 6 MG Suspension. These are mild side effects that are temporary in nature. They are bound to disappear as the body adapts to the medicine. However, in case they did not vanish automatically and start to bother you, then you can get in touch with your doctor to get medical attention.

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